Cold Weather Smoothies

Cold Weather Smoothies

Article from TheWarmUp by Elizabeth Quinn Brown | July 25. 2021

Gone are the days of summer, when we relished the gloriousness of watermelon and other warm-weather fruits. But there’s a sweetness (albeit, a more subtle sweetness) to the fruits of autumn, too.

We’re talking about the rainbow of goodies—from root veggies, including carrots and parsnips, to sweet potatoes—that taste like the time of year. And this cornucopia of veggies is much more than boldly colored and extremely delicious. It also packs a nutritious punch.

The bulk of these veggies are grown in the ground and have absorbed a wealth of minerals and vitamins. For starters, we’ve observed a bunch that contain vitamin A and vitamin K. And we’ve learned that cabbage is rich with sulfur, which can cause you to glow on the inside (with health) and on the outside, as sulfur has been proven to improve acne-prone skin. The more you know, right?

And while we believe that roasted veggies are supreme, we’ve realized that veggie-centered smoothies can be supreme-er. Here, we’ve gathered our faves—the “Better than Ice Cream” Sweet Potato Smoothie, the Parsnip “Passion,” the “Pumpkin Pie” Smoothie, the Spicy Apple Cabbage Smoothie, and the “Wild Roots” Smoothie—for sippable treats that couldn’t be sweeter or more seasonal.

But what are the recipes for condensing the goodness of these fall-themed veggies into one delicious drink?

‘Better than Ice Cream’ Sweet Potato Smoothie

This recipe claims to be “better than ice cream,” but who said ice cream was better than sweet potato? This is one of our favorite foods of the fall, even when it isn’t topped with marshmallows at Thanksgiving. Plus, sweet potatoes are sure to satisfy, and they’re super rich with vitamin A for the sweetest of smoothies.

Parsnip ‘Passion’

This treat is powered by the parsnip, a sweet root related to the carrot that is rich in antioxidants (including falcarinol, falcarindiol, panaxadiol, and methyl-falcarindiol) and vitamins (including vitamin C). Combine with the benefits of the other components (chia seeds, orange, pineapple, and swiss chard) for a nutritious blend that is brimming with fiber.

‘Pumpkin Pie’ Smoothie

The taste of this smoothie is less trick, more treat—a healthier version of Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte that promises to please. Pumpkins, when they aren’t being carved into jack-o’-lanterns, are great sources of nutrition, boasting a potion of fiber, potassium and Vitamin A. Sprinkle this smoothie with a pinch of nutmeg for extra-seasonal seasoning.

Spicy Apple Cabbage Smoothie

This is a sip with a kick that is designed to benefit your skin and, of course, your tastebuds. Cabbage is a special veggie in that it’s rich with minerals/vitamins (including vitamin K) as well as sulfur, which addresses the oil in oily skin. And, to boot, what’s more autumnal than apples and walnuts? Add a dash of spice and it’s truly everything nice.

‘Wild Roots’ Smoothie

This recipe features not one but three root veggies: beet, carrot and turnip. It’s a sippable rainbow of nutrition representing the best of autumn’s colors for an ode to the season’s red, orange, and yellow foliage. Plus, the addition of ginger helps with the absorption of the “multivitamin” of nutrients/vitamins from the three main root veggies, which include boron, for the production of sex hormones, and vitamin K.