Montana Locations

Cancer Support Community Montana has a mission to provide support for people all overKalispell Montana. This is being done by identifying an area of need in Montana, as well as looking for energy from people in a communities where services would be helpful. There are two ways to bring the services of CSC into your community:

  1.  Multiple Montana Chapters: There is currently a home-like building in Bozeman offering over 50 programs per month, and one in-development in Missoula (with hopes to open in 2021). Each community can offer a full range of programs for youth and adults affected by cancer, and provide a full or semi-full complement of CSC programs including support groups, educational workshops, exercise and/or stress management programs. Each chapter is funded by their specific community and donations stay local to where money is raised. A Chapter is available in other Montana cities as well and if there is interest, contact Becky Franks, Executive Director at (406)582-1600
  2. CSCMT Hub: For Montana communities that are smaller in size, there is an option to offer support utilizing a local support group, exercise options, resource center, individual sessions with a social worker, and educational programs via telehealth (Zoom platform).  We currently have an CSCMT Hub in Dillon, Sidney and Livingston.