Across Montana

Cancer Support Community Montana has a mission to provide support for people all overKalispell Montana. This is being done by identifying an area of need in Montana, as well as looking for energy from people in a community where services would be helpful. Currently, there are three ways to bring the services of CSC into your community:

  1.  Off-Site Program: This includes a support group in a community off-site of a standing Community in Montana. There would be a facilitator hired by CSC, and the group would be held in a comfortable online medstore place decided on by the people involved. We currently have an Off-site program in Dillon and Livingston.
  2. Satellite Center: A “Satellite” is a Cancer Support Community office/location some distance from the home facility operating under the auspices of an existing chartered facility and providing a full or semi-full complement of CSC programs including support groups, educational workshops, exercise and/or stress management programs.
  3. Sub-license Center: CSC is growing our service delivery model to include formal hospital partnerships. Through these partnerships, CSC Montana sub-licenses its program model and other intellectual property to healthcare organizations and provides expert, ongoing training and technical assistance to organizational staff.  We currently have a Sub-license in Kalispell.