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Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help, especially if you don’t know what you need. We get it. That’s why we make it easy to get started at Cancer Support Community Montana, so you can find the customized support you need in our warm, welcoming environment. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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New Participant Orientation

These orientation sessions are designed for anyone wanting to learn more about CSC Montana, including cancer survivors at any stage of treatment and survivorship, support persons of a loved one with cancer, local health professionals, and more. During New Participant Orientation, you will learn about the history of CSC Montana; our organization’s mission, philosophy, and values; and the five cornerstones of our program of support. You’ll get an overview of our programs and services and, if you attend in person, receive a tour of our building.

Fill out the New Participant Form or call (406) 582-1600 to get started.

Select a program (or two) to


Now you’re ready to participate in the wide variety of programs on our calendar – from topic-specific educational sessions to cooking classes to yoga and social events – and meet others in the CSC Montana community. All programs and services are free of charge. Please note: registration online or by phone is required for many of our programs.

Participation in support groups or individual counseling requires a bit more preparation – just a quick meeting with one of our mental health clinicians. You’ll discuss your specific needs, learn how support groups and/or counseling works, and receive referrals for other resources as needed. Call 406.582.1600 to set up a phone call or in-person appointment.

Experience the benefits

Ninety-five percent of our members say coming to CSC Montana has had a positive impact on their lives:

  • 88% feel less lonely
  • 87% feel less stressed
  • 86% are less afraid
  • 85% feel able to face the future positively
  • 83% feel more in control of their lives

What’s more:

  • 100% receive our programs for free

So, take the first step and join the CSC Montana community today. (Did we mention all of our programs and services are provided free of charge?)

We look forward to meeting you.


What is Cancer Support Community Montana?

Cancer Support Community Montana is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive psychological and social support to people with cancer and their families. Our services include support groups, educational workshops, mind/body programs, exercise and stress management programs, nutrition management, and networking/social activities.

Who comes to Cancer Support Community Montana?

Anyone and everyone impacted by cancer in Montana is welcome in our community. Many of our participants are individuals with cancer who desire to improve the quality of their lives and be an active partner along with their physicians and healthcare team. Men and women of all ages and all types of cancer diagnoses are welcome. People who have had cancer in the past and have completed medical treatments also attend to maintain their health while focusing on survivorship issues. Family, friends and support persons are also welcome. No referral is needed to participate in our programs and services.

Can support people come even if the person with cancer doesn’t want to?

Yes! We have specific groups designated for family and friends of a person with cancer. Individuals can come and share their experiences, learn ways to effectively support the person with cancer, and also learn how to take care of themselves during the process. We offer the support person an array of support groups, educational workshops and stress management programs.

What does it cost to participate?

Absolutely nothing! All programs and services offered at Cancer Support Community Montana are FREE OF CHARGE. Cancer Support Community Montana is a not-for-profit organization supported by community-minded individuals and businesses, charitable foundations and special fundraising events.

How do I become involved in the programs at Cancer Support Community Montana?

We invite you to attend one of our New Participant Orientation meetings to learn more about the programs and services we offer. Please refer to our program calendar for exact dates and times. If you can’t find a session that works for you, one-on-one orientation sessions are available by appointment – just give us a call at 406.582.1600!

Do participants follow a specific program?

Participants at Cancer Support Community Montana are able to choose the programs/services that they feel most comfortable with and that will help to improve their own well-being. Participants are never asked to participate in any program that they are not comfortable with. Some may choose to simply visit Cancer Support Community Montana rather than be alone.

Are medical services available at Cancer Support Community Montana?

No. Cancer Support Community Montana does not have a medical staff. Individuals seek their own medical treatment as they deem necessary.

Is Cancer Support Community Montana program an alternative to medical treatment?

No. The program is meant to support the treatment prescribed by the patient’s healthcare team and is not a substitute for conventional medical care. While the medical profession fights cancer on the physical front, Cancer Support Community Montana helps people with cancer learn techniques to help them fight on the psychosocial front.


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