Nutrition booth in

Heeb's Fresh Market

You will find a nutrition booth in Heeb’s Fresh Market to educate people about healthy eating, find great new recipes, samples, and hands on cooking demonstrations to improve nutritious eating, and therefore good health!

You will find information about the programs and services of Cancer Support Community and find Heeb’s as a fresh, healthy, community-connected supermarket committed to community and a great place to shop.

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Supermarkets are valuable resources to a neighborhood, not only because they provide access to healthy, nutritious food but also because they can be a pivotal connection point in the community. The booth will be staffed most days by nutrition experts such as Dietetic Students from Montana State University, volunteer Chefs, and others.

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Cancer Support Community provides all programs and services free of charge and only for people in Montana. Your donation allows your local friends, neighbors, coworkers and family to find support, education and hope all through the cancer experience.