Meet CSC’s volunteer, Mari!

Meet CSC’s volunteer, Mari!

Long overdue, it is time to recognize one of our fantastic volunteers, Mari, who keeps things running smoothly at CSC and is always happy to lend a hand. Thank you for all of your hard work and beautiful smiles, Mari!
Name: Mari DeManty

Hometown: I grew up Orange County, CA, but Bozeman is my home. Most of my family lives here!

How did you hear about CSC? I also volunteer in the Cancer Center at the hospital. CSC’s Director, Becky Franks, invited the Cancer Center volunteers to CSC to familiarize us with the programs that are offered to the cancer community. I had no idea such an amazing place existed. I immediately fell in love, and couldn’t wait to get involved!

When did you first start volunteering at CSC? October 2019

Why do you volunteer? Shouldn’t everyone? Our local nonprofits can always use an extra hand.

How would you describe our nonprofit to someone new? If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, (or know someone who has), CSC is such an important part of your treatment. From support groups and professional counseling. Nutrition and health. Diet and exercise. Everything you need to educate and feed your body and soul can be found in one beautiful building!

What is a memorable moment about your work with us? It’s all memorable! I especially love the respect, kindness and camaraderie that the CSC staff has for each other, and for everyone who walks through the door.

What is something that always makes you smile? I never tire of looking at our beautiful Bridger Mountains. They always make me smile!