Meet our volunteer, Molly!

Meet our volunteer, Molly!

A long-overdue recognition, we’re so proud to highlight  Molly Harber as an incredible volunteer at CSC! Molly has been volunteering at CSC for 1 year and serves as an awesome receptionist on Wednesdays!

Name: Molly Harber

Age: 27

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

How did you hear about CSC? My neighbor used to volunteer here

When did you first start volunteering here? Last January

How would you describe our nonprofit to someone new? “[CSC is] an organization that provides various services to people affected by cancer, either personally or through someone they know. [The] atmosphere is super fun and relaxed but also intimate enough to be comfortably supportive.”

What is a memorable moment about your work with us? “When a woman who had just been diagnosed came in to try on wigs, we helped her try on several different styles and there were a few moments where she was tearing up, and we were sort of tearing up – but also it was a really fun and silly moment, at the same time.”

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and why? “My answer would be the ability to fly, so I could fly to places on a broomstick with luggage hanging off the back.”