Mindful Mandalas Workshop

Mindful Mandalas Workshop

Mindful Mandalas Workshop Sep-2020 for screens

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About your teacher:

Laura is a self-taught artist, multi-passionate creative, surface pattern designer, and dog momma living in Dallas, TX. She creates art across all mediums (traditional and digital), and you’ll often find her with more paint on herself than on the canvas. She believes deep in her heart that we’re all creative beings, and loves teaching others what she’s learned. Over the past 10 years, Laura has taught more than 120 workshops on everything from Copic markers to watercolor and sewing/fiber arts. When not creating art, you can find her singing and playing piano in her home recording studio (where her dog, Gus, likes to sing along). Laura also lead a workshop at CSCMT’s virtual Mending in the Mountains retreat in September 2020.

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