Get to know the employees and support group facilitators who organize programs and serve at Cancer Support Community.


Executive Director for Missoula
Odette Grassi has lived in Missoula since 1998 and is proud to call it home. While she received both her B.Ed... Read More
Clinical Program Director for Missoula
Cody earned his Master’s in Social Work from Walla Walla University, and a BA in Psychology from the... Read More
Development & Operations Manager for Missoula
Having moved here from Chicago, Kate has been a Missoula resident now for over 40 years! She... Read More

Missoula Chapter Board

Hailey Kern

Board Member

D’Nette Grover

Board Member

Erin Krutz

Board Chair

Christine Tutty-Johnson

Board Member

Jadi Rae Curtis

Board Member

Tim Skalsky

Board Member

Julie Crabtree

Board Member

Ray Curtis

Board Member

Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board (PAB) plays an important part in the ongoing success of Cancer Support Community. The PAB is responsible for communicating with the Executive Director, Program Director and the Board of Trustees on the needs of people with cancer. This advisory group meets twice a year and is an important voice for people with cancer.

Missoula Professional Advisory Board

Now recruiting.

Facilitators & Instructors

Born and raised in Southern California, Lynne Roberts has lived in Missoula for the past 33 years. Lynne’s background... Read More