Get Involved

We’ve been inspired by this burst of spring-like weather to start spring cleaning, and we invite you to “Pour it Out” with us to raise money for our Missoula center. Most of us have a change jar, and we are inviting you to empty it out and take your change to The Bicycle Hangar as a donation for CSC Missoula. If you want to take an extra step – you can make a video showing yourself pouring it out for CSC and nominating a friend. Then post it on social media and tag us to spread the word! If you don’t live in Missoula, please consider donating online.

We plan to open a CSC Chapter in Missoula in 2021, and we need your help. Cancer doesn’t care about Covid. The pandemic has emphasized the increased need for people with cancer to get support. We need to raise $200,000 before we can open. Here are some ways that you can help:

Donate Now for Missoula Area

  • Donate and help us fill up our Missoula “Rays of Hope!” We will update this graphic frequently so that you know how things are coming along.
  • Tell your friends and family about our mission and ask them to donate.
  • Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and invite your friends and family to like and follow us. Your referral means so much!
  • Call or email us if you have or have had cancer. We are here for you! While we don’t have a physical location yet, we do have virtual programming going on right now free of charge.
  • Tell your friends and family who’ve been affected by cancer that we are here for them. Direct them to our Facebook and Instagram, our website, or have them give us a call!
  • Help us find a location to rent with 2000-3000 square feet — either donated or for a decreased rent.
  • Sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings.
  • Call or email us if you’d like to be a volunteer when we open. We have a variety of opportunities, including: receptionist, office administration, community outreach, hands-on event assistance, program service support and more. Whether you are able to help for an hour or a day, during business hours, evenings or the weekend, we would be excited for you to join our team and we will work with you to find your sweet spot!