Get to know the employees and support group facilitators who organize programs and serve at Cancer Support Community.


We are currently hiring a Clinical Program Director. Contact Becky Franks, CEO at for more information, and download the Clinical Program Director Job Description.


Chief Executive Officer
Becky Franks has been the CEO since 2006, following her mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer. Becky earned a Bachelor of Science... Read More
Executive Director for Bozeman
Jodi Weak joined the Cancer Support Community team in 2021 after working for fifteen years in higher education... Read More
Development Manager
Jasmine Surina has been a volunteer and now joins the team at Cancer Support Community. Read More
Executive Director for Missoula
Odette Grassi has lived in Missoula since 1998 and is proud to call it home. While she received both her B.Ed... Read More

Facilitators & Instructors

Vanessa Clark, LCSW, AHPC-SW is a social worker with Hospice of Bozeman Health and holds space for those in need as... Read More
Steve Wellington, LCSW, is the facilitator of Prostate Connection. For 14 years he has been working in a variety of therapeutic... Read More
Wendy Gwinner, LCSW, OSW-C, is the Oncology Social Worker at Bozeman Health Cancer Center. She holds a Master’s of Social... Read More
Angela Lawry, LCSW, is the Bereavement Coordinator with Encompass Health - Hospice of Bozeman Health... Read More
Katelyn Armstrong, MS, earned her MS in Rehabilitation Mental Health Counseling, and is an Oncology Counselor at Bozeman... Read More
Amy has worked in the health, fitness and yoga world for almost 30 years. While she has taught many types of... Read More

Bozeman Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is the heart and soul of the Cancer Support Community. They meet monthly to assure the Cancer Support Community has a sustainable business plan with financial oversight and adequate quality assurance measures.

Dianne Click


Pauline Sager

Past President

Jamie Roberts


Nicole Warwood


Ann Leuprecht


Chris Dulaney


Brett Evertz


Michael Buck


Karla Provost


Wendy Gwinner


Patrice Parks


Van Bryan


Missoula Board of Trustees

Hailey Kern

Co-Founder & Board Member

Ray Curtis

Co-Founder & Board Member

Jay Allen

Board Member

Kasey Wright

Board Member

Kris Holmes

Board Member

Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board (PAB) plays an important part in the ongoing success of Cancer Support Community. The PAB is responsible for communicating with the Executive Director, Program Director and the Board of Trustees on the needs of people with cancer. This advisory group meets twice a year and is an important voice for people with cancer.

Current Members

  • Kathryn Borgenicht, MD Bozeman Health Palliative Care
  • Rabbi Chaim Bruk
  • Noelle Butler, ND
  • Hanly Burton, MD, Bozeman Creek Family Practice
  • Cindy Carter, PA, Breast Care Coordinator, Advanced Medical Imaging
  • Annie Castillo, MD Medical Oncologist, Bozeman Health Cancer Center
  • Kendall Child, Bozeman Health Cancer Center
  • Liz Lewis, Chief Operating Officer at Bozeman Health
  • Lori Christenson, Montana Comprehensive Cancer Control
  • Spencer Green, Manager Bozeman Health Cancer Center
  • Wendy Gwinner, LCSW, OSW, Bozeman Health Cancer Center
  • Colleen Hatcher, PT Rehabilitation Services, Bozeman Health
  • Jack Hensold, MD Medical Oncologist, Bozeman Health Cancer Center
  • Rebecca Kane, NP Bozeman Health Cancer Center
  • Polly Knuchel, RN Bozeman Health Cancer Center
  • Ken May, MD Medical Oncologist, Bozeman Health Cancer Center
  • Rev. Dr. Ken Mottram, Bozeman Health Spiritual Care
  • Terry Profota, MNM Nonprofit Consultant
  • Justin Thomas, MD Medical Oncologist, Bozeman Health Cancer Center
  • Jenny Welsh, BSN, RN, OCN, Bozeman Health Cancer Center