Mending in the Mountains

Mending2Mending in the Mountains is an annual women’s retreat for Montana women who have experienced cancer. This year, we are going Virtual and it will be a fabulous affair! The event will be held September 18-20, 2020 with only a few hours each day. Our speaker is Dr. Susan Mecca, author of “The Gift of Crisis”.  Susan is witty, smart, engaging and fun and will provide great tools we can all use today!

In addition, this will be held on Zoom and there will be breakout rooms, virtual Cooking Class and yoga! There is no limit on attendance so please join us. We will be sending you a gift called “Mending in a Box” so please register ASAP and before September 7th! For more information or to register, contact us at (406) 582-1600. Mending Brochure 2020

Mending in the Mountains was a life-changing event for me. It gave me an opportunity to give back as much support to others as I had received. The event was inspiring, fun, and a wonderful opportunity to share and be accepted and loved for who I am, whether I have had cancer or not. The many educational programs taught me tools I could use for survival in dealing with my cancer diagnosis.” ~ Mending in the Mountains Past Participant

Click here for Laura Griffin’s Mandalas workshop


Saturday & Sunday: (are the same link, it is a recurring meeting):


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