Youth & Families

The first place cancer metastasis is to the family. Youth are affected by having cancer themselves, but also by a cancer diagnosis of a parent or grandparent. Our Youth and Family activities are intended to provide a place of support and sense of community for the whole family. Anyone touched by cancer is welcome to attend our active programs.

Family Camps

We have two camps for families each year. For One Another is a fun summer retreat held each year in June. Stronger Together is our new winter camp held over President’s weekend. Both will be at Camp Mak-A-Dream near Missoula and are available for families who have a member diagnosed with cancer and have at least one child age 18 or younger.

Kid Support

Kid Support is a program for children whose lives are touched by cancer, either their own or that of a family member. The program is a 6 week, professionally-led group for children ages 5 to 12 using a variety of art activities, poems, stories, cartoons and games, children are able to get support, ask questions, express difficult feelings, and feel understood.

Children’s Art Programs

Local artists provide youth with art opportunities and art therapy based activities as a way
to express themselves. This is a wonderful platform for children to connect with each other
and for parents to connect as well. Look on our calendar for programs listed in yellow.

Aspen Roots

High school youth at Bozeman High gather each Friday to do advocacy, develop programs for younger kids, and have a place to openly talk about cancer in their families.