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Cancer is hard and certainly, meandering through the maze of health insurance and The Health insuranceAffordable Care Act can be daunting for those with cancer and other health issues. Currently, people are no longer rejected from purchasing health insurance due to a pre-existing condition. Now, all people can and must get the health insurance that will protect them if cancer or another life-threatening disease comes calling. Cancer Support Community Montana Affiliate is part of a national group that provides the leading edge of research and training to improve the cancer experience. Cancer Support Community and a group of 18 partnering cancer and patient advocacy organizations have developed the Cancer Insurance Checklist, a resource to help people with cancer, a history of cancer, or at risk for cancer choose insurance plans in the new state-based Health Insurance Marketplaces.

The Cancer Insurance Checklist provides a worksheet to help the consumer detail the costs associated with each plan, and is designed to be used while evaluating insurance plans and also when discussing them with a navigator or health care provider.
There are people in our community to help assist you to navigate the website.      Go to Cancer Insurance Checklist

Local Assistance Available

There are people all over Montana who can sit and help you navigate the website and answer your questions regarding health insurance. In Gallatin County, you may contact:

Bozeman Health Cancer Center provides assistance to people with a cancer diagnosis.

Community Health Partners provides assistance to the general population in Bozeman, Belgrade, Livingston and West Yellowstone.