Healthy Lifestyles
Healthy Lifestyles

Exercise is important physical and mental health. CSC offers exercise classes to meet the unique needs of cancer survivors. All exercise classes are taught by professionals that offer accommodations and alterations to meet the individual needs of each cancer survivor in the class.

Whether you are an Olympic athlete or never been to a gym, these classes help you build strength while connecting with other cancer survivors who are also empowered to take back their health.

Check out the program calendar to see the dates and times for upcoming healthy lifestyle programs, as well as trainer information.

Current Offerings

Healthy Lifestyle Programs


These exercise-inspired programs are created for people at any stage of a cancer diagnosis and their friends and family. The variety of opportunities encourages cancer survivors and their loved ones to try new recreational and outdoor activities so they can continue exercise through cancer treatment and beyond, while encouraging self-care for friends and family. A variety of programs are offered on a rotating basis.


Taught by certified and licensed professionals, CSCs nutrition programs are evidence-based. These programs cover topics such as food to help manage side effects, weight management, and cooking classes.


You will find a nutrition booth in Heeb’s Fresh Market to educate people about healthy eating, find great new recipes, samples, and hands on cooking demonstrations to improve nutritious eating, and therefore good health.


All cancer survivors are invited to participate in a private ½ hour personal training session prior to joining exercise classes. Call CSC to schedule.


Focus on strength-building utilizing resistance bands and the body’s own weight. No previous experience necessary and all skill levels welcome.


Grow strength, endurance, and friendships in our walking group “Steps for Strength”. Cancer survivors, friends, and family are invited to join.


Taught by water aerobics instructors at Eagle Mount’s non-chlorinated pool is a great option for cancer survivors looking for low-impact exercise. Additional paperwork and doctor’s approval is required for these classes – contact CSC before starting water aerobics.