The Aspen Club

The Aspen Club is developed from the following story:

Our beloved aspen trees are symbolic of our hopes for those affected by cancer. An aspen tree is, by itself, small and fragile. When brought together, aspen trees flourish in groves with one connected root system. This connection symbolizes the strength and unity we hope will flourish among cancer survivors and their loved ones with the assistance of Cancer Support Community Montana.

The Aspen Club, ensures our cancer support programs remain strong and continue to grow, and is based on accumulated donations from January 2006 through to present, including monetary, in-kind and auction purchase donations.

The members of the Aspen Club helped build a haven of hope, and we keep them informed about the impact of their gifts on the lives of individuals with cancer and their loved ones through regular updates. Their contributions allow us to provide education, emotional support,
and hope.

Learn about the Aspen Club’s levels and members:

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