Take Charge: Nutrition on April 1st!

Join us, Thursday, April 1st, from 12-1pm. Please call 582-1600 or click HERE to register.

The Take Charge series is featuring a virtual learning class on nutrition and how to use food to improve your health. Dr. Noelle Butler will be leading the class to help assist you with reclaiming your wellness.

Adequate dietary intake can improve the nutritional status and overall wellbeing of almost all cancer survivors. Treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery can change nutritional needs. It’s also common that intake, digestion, absorption, and utilization of food will be impacted. Treatment may pose challenges on these body functions because of side-effects, but, there are things you can try that might make fulfilling nutritional needs a little bit easier. These include small, frequent meals and snacks, foods that are easy to chew, swallow, digest and absorb, and foods that are appealing to you.

As important as nutrition is during treatment, it is just as important after treatment. Survivors are encouraged to consume enough calories to maintain body weight and optimal nutrient stores. It’s important to note that weight fluctuations are normal. Treatment and recovery can put extra demand on your body. Overall, this may greatly increase nutritional and caloric needs. Ask your nutritionally qualified health care provider about making a plan that is individualized to meet your specific needs.


7 Days of Healthy Recipes

By Elyse Notarianni –

When going through cancer treatment, maintaining good nutrition is one of the most important things you can do to keep your body and immune system strong. You’ve grown up learning about healthy eating and the food pyramid, but nutrition can look different for cancer patients.

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